• With so many contacts and so little time - Shuffl Connect is a life-saver. It's intuitive, easy and intelligent. Yes - intelligent! I get to keep my personal contact details separate from my business contact details..
    Inside Sales Guru
  • Shuffl Connect rocks! Used it the first time right after a sales meeting. Got done with all follow-up emails in minutes, sitting in my car, in the customer's parking lot! Thank you Shuffl!"
    Enterprise Sales Lead
  • Awesome! No more stacks of business cards awaiting entry. With Shuffl Connect no more long Contact forms, no more scrolling up and down figuring out what goes where....
    Marketing Manager

Whether it is someone you just met or a pile of business cards from the last trade show, Shuffl Connect gets you caught up fast!


Enter new contact details all in one field! No scrolling up and down a Contact form. We do the rest, even add to Contacts.


Select from message templates you setup for Professional, Social or Family contacts. Share your Persona with a click.


shuffl is smart, shuffl is natural...

Shuffl Connect is the only app that lets you greet new contacts quickly and easily!

One Person,
Many Personas!

If you just met a new contact for work, you probably just want to share your professional contact details. Or if it was for fun or family - share your social or family contact details. We call them Personas.

The Right Side of You.

With Shuffl Connect you key-in your personal details first. Then setup your Personas for Professional, Social or Family - decide what contact details show up in each. Each Persona includes a greeting email we draft and you customize. - subject line, salutation, email text, formatted signature - even include a VCF.

Add Contacts.
Minus the Hassle!

With Shuffl Connect you enter all of a contact's details in just one field.. Shuffl Connect detects and tags each entry with friendly 'obvious' icons. If we get stumped - we'll prompt you with the most likely choices. When done we just add it to your phone's Contacts.

Follow-up Fatigue?
A thing of the Past!

With Shuffl Connect you can follow-up with new or existing contacts in just three steps. Select who you want to greet, select your Persona to share, and share it with the Contact via SMS or Email. You can even tweak the greeting message we generate for each Persona.

deep technology, powerful platform

behind that simple UI hides the biggest little platform ever...

Our advanced algorithms go to work for you - trying to make it easier and more natural than ever to enter contact information and have it sorted out correctly.


Our platform is purpose built for enterprise customization. We can seamlessly change workflows, capture new contact/forms data and deep-link with other apps.


Shuffl Connect's architecture was designed from ground up for smart synchronization with leading cloud-based Contact systems as well as native address books.


putting the enterprise in control

in a world gone BYOD, enterprise can still control their contacts!

Keeping your field teams productive requires easy contact acquisition and the ability to synchronize with multiple cloud services. Shuffl Connect gets that.


Sales persons like keeping their contact lists close, yet understand they have to share it too.. Shuffl Connect gets that as well.


Forms and workflows are always changing. Just when you have got it down, they change. Shuffl Connect's flexible workflow and data driven contact forms makes change easy. Too easy.


get what you pay for...

Shuffl Connect is the only app that lets you add and greet new contacts quickly and easily!
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